Vedic Mathematics for Young Learners

1-5 Nov / Mon till Friday / 1 hr per day / 4:30 pm CET / 18:30 UAE

  • Trainers Full Name: Arun Kumar Singh
  • Trainer Certifications: Certified Vedic Mathematics Expert
  • Course Title: Basic Plus Vedic Mathematics Training Program
  • Age Groups: 7 – 14 years
  • Course Description: Brief about the course (This Course comprises of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using Vedic Mathematics sutras and subsutras. This course is based on principles and there is no exception to these principles. These principles have evidence in ancient India Vedas especially the Fourth Vedas, The Atharva Veda. In modern times, it was rewritten for common people by One of the great scholar, Swami Bharti Krishna Tirathaji Maharaj. It enhances our mathematical calculation speed up to 10-15 times with 100% accuracy. It also enhances our mental agility and Intelligence. This course is ideal for students from grades 2 to 12. It will help them improve their mathematical skills and overall performance in other subjects.
  • Learning Outcomes: Calculation Speed enhancement with Speed and Accuracy, Enhancement of Mental Agility and Intelligence.

Math Course Schedule

  • Duration:  1 week / 5 hours
  • Hours: 5 hrs (1 hr per week)
  • Days: Monday till Friday
  • Timing: 4:30 (CET) / 18:30 (UAE)
  • Course Starting Date: 01 Nov 2021
  • End Date: 05 November 2021

Course Fees

  • Course Fees ($): USD $50 for 5 lessons
  • The package includes:
    • Online Live Instructed-led Training (1 hour/lesson, 5 hours total)
    • Self-Study with Video-Assisted Learning

Training Mode

  • Class Size: Maximum of 10 students in a class
  • End of Course Certificates: Yes
    • A completion certificate will be issued by Success Maximized, New Delhi and VYEC
    • Meet the required standard to take the Vedic Mathematics Training Program
    • The design of a passing guarantee is to reduce the pressure on students to take the exam and engage students to concentrate on class.

Registration and payment