Micro:bit (STEM Beginner)

  • Trainers Full Name: Una
  • Trainer Certifications: Microsoft Global Training Partner
  • Course Title: Micro:bit (STEM Beginner)
  • Age Groups: 8+
  • Course Description: Use stories and science principles to learn concepts of computational thinking.
  • Learning Outcomes: Introduce students to STEM with interesting stories to learn the basic logic and concept to build programs by blocks coding.

Course Outline:

Micro-bit Course Schedule

  • Duration: 10 lessons
  • Hours: 10 hours in total (1 hr/lesson)
  • Schedule (Month / Once per Week): Check table 
  • Course Starting Date: June 2021
  • End Date: July 2021 
  • Timing:3:30pm-4:30pm CET

Course Fees:

  • Course Fees ($): USD $285 for 10 lessons per 1 student

Package includes: 

  • Online Live Instructed-led Training (1 hour/lesson, 10 hours total)
  • Completion of Course Certificate issued by Una and VYEC
  • Una Student Basic Account Annual Subscription (Starting from the first lesson)
  • Annual Access of Post-course Self-Study Exercises with Sample Answers (7+ hours, starting from the first lesson)

Training Mode:

  • Class Size: minimum of 4 students to form a class
  • End of Course Certificates: Yes, a completion certificate will be issued by Una and VYEC