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We Astronauts Global Educational PBL- Lebanon
One World ... One Space... One Hope

The idea

In line with the latest frameworks of modern education based on research, induction and innovation to suit the learning environment for the 21st century and the introduction of inspiring areas for students.


Today, the countries worldwide are competing to reach space with searching for the enormous and mysterious possibilities associated with our world. Furthermore, the pace of launch into space will certainly increase and research will develop and become more complex with every new exploration. Coexistence and acceptance of these discoveries will become very important for all peoples living on Earth.

So the slogan of this project is:

One World … One Space… One Hope

Looking Forward To:

  • Provide the largest possible number of students in the world with new information about space.
  • Teaching them to live and adapt to new discoveries.
  • Training them to research, explore, and link the elements of the vast universe.
  • Simulation of living in different places on Earth.
  • Cultivating space science and encouraging them to move towards unique studies.
  • Promote the concept of cooperation among all in space science for one space and one hope.

Target Audience

  • Primary and middle school students only.
  • Age group 6-15 years

Project Details

  • 12 (weekly) Missions
  • Each Mission includes several activities, carried out by the students
  • Each Mission includes several activities, carried out by the students participating with their teachers.
  • The project starts mid-September (date can be adjusted as needed).
  • The total duration of the project is two months.
  • The tasks depend on student cooperation, research, exploration, critical
  • The tasks depend on student’s cooperation, research, exploration, critical thinking and innovation.


  • Research and exploration
  • Simulation
  • Coding
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Documentation and design
  • Multimedia
  • Competitions & Quiz’s
  • Challenges
  • DIY

“Certificate of Participation” will be provided for students, teachers, and educational institutions at the end of the project.

Project Founder: Majed Abu Al Hanoud

Project Coordinator – Lebanon: Farah Rustom

For Registration: https://space.eliteschool.online/all-groups/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1203448290020102

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Visit “Vantisco Youth Education Center” Facebook Page: https://bit.ly/3lgIpmt

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