STEM & Artificial Intelligence

Free and fun digital education for children worldwide:

Trainers Full Name: Dr Jason Chan

Course Duration / Total hours / Hours Per Week:

60 min per lesson, total of 2 hours, 1 hour per week

Schedule  (2 Weeks ):

1 lesson per week

Course Starting Date and End Date:

Wed, 20th Jan 2021 (Workshop 1 “Microbit”)

Wed, 27thJan 2021 (Workshop 2 “AI”)

Age groups:

8+ years old Workshop#1 “Micro bit”

10+ years old Workshop#2 “Artificial Intelligence”

Training Fees:

Online, free training workshops


Log In: 2:15pm (CET)

Start Time: 2:30pm (CET)

Events Platform:

Last day of Registration:

Woskshop#1: 19th Jan Tuesday @2:30pm (CET)

Workshop#2: 26th Jan Tuesday @2:30pm (CET)

*Please note:*

  1. i) After the student registered, we will need to distribute login accounts (username and password) to them before the lesson.
  2. ii) We would like to ask the students to visit check login page (please refer to Browser Check.jpg).If it did not work, please update the browser prior class to ensure we can start the lesson on time.

contact us at or whatsapp +39 345 08 19551