Creative Writing Event- Learn to Pen Your Imagination in Greek, French, & English Languages

Learn to Pen Your Imagination in  Greek, French, & English Languages

Boost creativity and imagination with creative writing just in 5 days.

Five sessions full of games and fun while focusing on vocabulary building, spelling, grammar, story writing, poetry, plays, scripts, memoirs, blogs, dialogues, book reviews, autobiography, and much more…

All About Educator:

Name: Agatha Rodi (Αγαθή Ρόδη)

Educator/Writer Columnist: National Herald U.S

Global co-Host (MCBD) -U S

International Read to me Day (Australia)

Founder: Greek Children Read & Write

Workshop Learning Objectives

Unlock child’s linguistic potential with innovative ideas

Promote 21st-century skills

Master the art of story writing

Workshop Agenda

Day 1 – Understanding Creative Writing

What is Creative Writing?

What It Takes To Become A Creative Writer

Day 2 – Language Skills 

Use of vocabulary

Sentence Formation with Word Power

Day 3 – Story Designing

Elements of a Story

How to Write a Story

Forms of Stories

Day 4 – Script Writing 

Understanding Screenplay and Scripts

Elements of a Script

How to Write a Script

Day 5 –  Story Writing 

Write a Story

Share With friends, peers, and family

Date & Time

  • Date & Time: Duration: 2nd August – 7th August 2021
  • Group Age :7 – 14 years
  • Timing: 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm CET

Event Fees

  • Fees: 15$

Training Mode

  • 5 hours ( 5 days, 1 hour each day ) of the instructor-led interactive training session
  • Daily assignments to hone the writing skills
  • Participation in Online Writing Challenges
  • Certificates will be awarded to all participants

Payment and Registration